Design Statement

We believe that design can accomplish something much higher than meeting the basic human need for shelter. Through design we can awaken the human spirit. The majority of people’s lives are spent inside a built environment of some sort. By paying attention to what that environment is we can either positively or negatively impact the person who inhabits it.

 As architects our goal should be to capture the very essence of our clients’ desires and aspirations. Meeting physical needs is only a basic function of our role in the process. Taking design to the next level—to the point where it speaks of something that cannot be verbalized—that is when we move into the realm of architecture.

 Architecture and design are intimately intertwined, so the environments Barrett Design creates embrace sculpted forms and shapes that invoke emotions and a sense of curiosity. Buildings are a piece of sculpture to be inhabited. Every space has a sense of procession where one may see glimpses of what is beyond but must turn another corner to get there. We strongly believe that good design both awakens and engages the viewer as an active participant.


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