Project Types

Barrett Design is an award-winning full service architecture, planning and interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia with a new office opening in Taos, New Mexico later this year. As a recognized leader in design, the company has completed a range of projects which exemplify its diverse approach to innovative solutions.

Multi-Family & Hospitality

Barrett Design’s multi-family and hospitality projects range in scope and scale from urban townhouses and high-rise buildings to stylish lofts and luxury condominiums. Many of the projects are associated with mixed use facilities that contain retail, spa and leisure, and entertainment facilities. In addition to designing the buildings, Barrett Design provides full interior design packages for the properties, including model units, sales centers, amenities and other public spaces.


Barrett Design has designed numerous private residences in the U.S. In our residential projects we explore themes of use through organized and well thought out room interaction, as well as design and selection of interior furnishings. Our homes range from small and carefully detailed to large and luxurious retreats created to reflect the owner’s personality and taste.


Barrett Design has developed retail experiences that encompass global planning and design. We also create prototype stores that incorporate unique fixtures as well as logo design that conveys brand identity. Our retail spaces feature exceptional lighting, a specially designed layout that maximizes customer flow and a remarkable design that enhances the shopping experience.

Spa & Wellness

At Barrett Design, we understand that physical experiences impact the spiritual, healing and rejuvenating effects of a spa and/or wellness center, and we embrace this challenge, using unique architectural techniques that take into account the air flow, sound abatement, specialized plumbing and lighting, and ergonomic needs of these facilities. Our spa and wellness creations take these venues to the next level by captivating the senses and providing a calming space in which people can rest and recover.


From sleek and spacious to trendy and intimate, Barrett Design’s nightclubs provide the ultimate place to party. Each nightclub is built to match the owner’s vision, offering an unparalleled experience created with the venue’s target audience in mind.


Barrett Design makes architecture come alive by providing vibrant and engaging spaces that make for memorable entertaining experiences. Outdoor movie theaters, indoor concert halls, and more—we satisfy all of your entertainment needs. Our spaces are creative while providing the utmost in functionality, making the physical environment part of the entertainment.


Vibrant, calming, traditional, novel, special occasion, neighborhood—these are just a sampling of the types of restaurants Barrett Design creates. Our architecture and design services integrate the restauranteur and chef’s visions, resulting in a venue that diners will want to frequent time and time again.

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